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Ken Bruce leaving BBC Radio 2

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Ken Bruce leaving BBC Radio 2


Post by Bingoman »

It has been announced that veteran DJ Ken Bruce is to leave Radio 2 and the BBC and is going to join Greatest Hits Radio mid morning from April.

And is also talking Popmaster with him too and possibly a lot of listeners too
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Ken Bruce leaving BBC Radio 2


Post by Dave »

^^ I thought Ken had passed away a few years back :oops:

Interesting about Popmaster. Does he own the rights then?
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Ken Bruce leaving BBC Radio 2


Post by swingaleg »

I don't think I've ever heard Ken Bruce ...... I went straight from pop music to radio 4 ...... jumped over radio 2 on the way
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Deb Arkle
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Ken Bruce leaving BBC Radio 2


Post by Deb Arkle »

I'm gutted as I always listen to him at work - I can't abide adverts on the radio so can't follow him (unless he does a Chris Evans/Graham Norton and has the whole show sponsored).
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