Pen and Ink drawings

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Sue Donym
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Pen and Ink drawings


Post by Sue Donym »

Dave wrote:
Sue Donym wrote: Superb work, Dave! 8-)
Thanks Sue.

TBH though, I don't think mine stack up that well against others who have shared their work on here!
Hey, don’t sell yourself short, Dave! As @Miss C DeVille says we have some great artists in our group. I echo the sentiment - I too would love to be able to draw or paint.
Boo! 😱
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Pen and Ink drawings


Post by finlux »

Bloody hell, @Dave those pictures are excellent! :o :D

(With apologies for me being super-late to this party!)
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Pen and Ink drawings


Post by Dave »

Thanks Kevin (@finlux)

TBH, as they are mine, I think they are OK, but not in the same league as some of the others that people have posted on here!
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