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What were your favorite pets as a child?

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What were your favorite pets as a child?


Post by emily »

I had a dog which was my main one, also a rabbit and hamster
I still remember coming home from school and being handed the doggy box and asked.. do you know what's inside?

my face litirally lit up at the tiny ball of fur. she was such a nice doggy

I was gutted when she had to be put down though, all the family their.. I remember that, too. mom coming in to the kitchen while we were eating and announcing it

our faces were so sad..
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Miss C DeVille
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What were your favorite pets as a child?


Post by Miss C DeVille »

I had a Golden Cocker Spaniel called Sandy and a tortoise called Jenny, who was originally called Oliver until he laid an egg!
Sandy was a little ball of fluff. Remember bringing him home wrapped in a blanket like a baby.
We used to take Jenny for a walk, on the grass down the road, at the Tower of London.
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