my current bout of imsomnia

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my current bout of imsomnia


Post by emily »

my current bout of insomnia has lasted 3 whole weeks.
3 weeks of no sleep, no rest, not even feeling tired.

I feel fine about it, no it's not good for my body- but still not tired so not much I can do about it
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Astra LeMort
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my current bout of imsomnia


Post by Astra LeMort »

That sounds awful @emily. I get spells of insomnia, but they usually only last a few days, and I do get some sleep, just not enough. Then I feel like death warmed up until I've had a couple of decent night's sleep.
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my current bout of imsomnia


Post by Dave »

I'm the opposite I guess - I can always sleep, usually at least 8 hours a night, but I am always tired..
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my current bout of imsomnia


Post by finlux »

You have my utmost sympathy, @emily!

When I was a young teenager, I went through many months of barely sleeping, but like you I was fine. My mother took me to the doctors and he prescribed me Valium. It didn't work at all, but it made me suffer de ja vu (seriously!), so after about 2-3 weeks I came off them.

Nothing seemed to work for me and my insomnia continued. Eventually I remember having a chesty cough and I took some medicine that warned "May make you feel drowsy". It did, and I've had no problems sleeping since.

I'd imagine it was coincidental, as there is no way cough medicine could achieve that (or could it?)
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Deb Arkle
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my current bout of imsomnia


Post by Deb Arkle »

OH has insomnia sometimes, and he finds the same with hayfever tablets - they usually knock him out.
(Originally typed that as gay fever - a completely different tablet, presumably…)
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