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Landlines to be "switched off" from 2025

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Astra LeMort
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Landlines to be "switched off" from 2025


Post by Astra LeMort »

We plan on moving house within the next couple of years, and had more or less decided we wouldn't bother with a landline, apart from a broadband connection. We both have mobiles, and our landline doesn't get much use. So broadband speed and mobile coverage will be an important consideration when we look at properties.
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Landlines to be "switched off" from 2025


Post by Doctor_Wibble »

Noting the remark by milord @Dave in the thread about Alexa's brief absence, I'm hoping and/or trusting that these internet/ip/data phones are point to point and not reliant on any centralised service.
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Landlines to be "switched off" from 2025


Post by Dave »

^^ They won't be, we're stuffed

Skynet is taking over :(
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